You are currently viewing A guide to the Amex Platinum Walmart+ benefit: The membership that pays for itself

A guide to the Amex Platinum Walmart+ benefit: The membership that pays for itself

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Many cardmembers holding The Platinum Card® from American Express were shocked when the Amex Walmart Plus benefit was added to the list of Amex’s benefits in 2021. The Amex Platinum Walmart Plus partnership certainly did not align with the luxury feel of the Amex Platinum.

Walmart+ is Walmart’s expedited delivery subscription and is a strong contender in the world of online shopping convenience. While Amazon Prime previously had a monopoly on the online delivery world, retail giants like Walmart and Target have now made themselves an attractive alternative for consumers.

Luckily, Amex Platinum holders can enjoy this Walmart Plus Amex Platinum partnership — at a steep discount. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Walmart+?

Walmart+ is Walmart’s expedited delivery subscription, providing free shipping of hundreds of thousands of items from Walmart, with no minimum spending required. (Grocery deliveries require a $35 order minimum.) It costs $12.95 per month plus local sales tax.

The service launched in 2020. In 2021, the Amex Platinum Card began offering cardmembers statement credits toward Walmart+ membership of up to $155 per year (subject to auto-renewal), essentially knocking the out-of-pocket cost for the service down to nothing for most folks. The Amex Platinum Walmart Plus link-up surprised many cardmembers, but with no associated cost, there certainly are perks to be gained from the service.

Walmart Plus benefits

The most notable benefit of Walmart+ is free next-day and two-day shipping on items from, with no minimum spending required.

Members also receive fuel savings, with up to ten cents off per gallon at Exxon, Mobil, Murphy and Walmart gas stations.

Walmart Plus members can receive a complimentary Paramount+ Essential plan subscription with their membership. To receive the benefit, sign up for Paramount+ through your Walmart+ account. 

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In addition, the service includes free grocery delivery from your local Walmart store on orders of $35 or more. But it’s important to note here that if you don’t have a Walmart store nearby, you won’t be able to take advantage of store delivery.

Finally, Walmart+ members can use their phone to scan items in-store and check out contact-free.

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How to get Walmart+ with the Amex Platinum

To get started, navigate to the “Benefits” tab of your online Amex Platinum account or go directly to this Walmart landing page.


From here, click “Get Started” and follow a series of prompts to sign up for a Walmart+ subscription. You must also create a Walmart account if you don’t have one already.


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Next, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. At this step, make sure to provide your Amex Platinum card details so you receive a statement credit toward the monthly fee. The Walmart Plus Amex Platinum partnership will only reimburse cardholders for the monthly fee, not the annual fee.


And that’s it. You’ll now be directed to the main Walmart page to begin exploring the benefits of your subscription.

FAQs about Walmart Plus

Is Walmart Plus free with the Amex Platinum?

The Amex Walmart Plus credit is one of the many benefits offered by the Amex Platinum. If you pay for a Walmart+ monthly membership with your Amex Platinum, you will receive a statement credit for the charge. 

How to get Walmart Plus with the Amex Platinum?

To get the Amex Walmart Plus credit, you have to pay for the monthly Walmart Plus membership with your Amex Platinum. Amex will issue a statement credit shortly after the charge posts.

Does Amex pay for Walmart Plus?

Since 2021, the Amex Platinum Walmart Plus partnership has provided Amex Platinum holders with a complimentary membership to Walmart Plus. This benefit only applies if the Amex Platinum is used to pay for the monthly Walmart Plus membership.

Bottom line

A monthly Walmart+ membership offers plenty of conveniences, including free and fast shipping on items from Though you may not use every single credit on the Amex Platinum, this could be one where you find some surprise utility. And it beats paying $139 out of pocket for Amazon Prime if the main benefit you’re looking for is free delivery on everyday retail items.

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Additional reporting by Christina Ly.