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American Airlines launches new status challenge for select Delta and United elites

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Following Delta Air Lines’ decision to increase SkyMiles elite status requirements, some members may decide to jump ship. With Delta frequent flyers voicing their dismay at the new requirements, other airlines, such as Alaska Airlines and JetBlue, were quick to offer status to disgruntled Delta flyers. Now, American Airlines is following suit and has launched a new status challenge for upper-tier Delta and United Airlines elite members.

Although United has committed to not changing its qualifying rules this year, American Airlines has extended this offer to select MileagePlus Premier members.

Here’s what you need to know about American Airlines’ latest status challenge for Delta and United elite members.

Get instant AAdvantage elite status for 4 months

American Airlines Flagship business window seats

Here’s the good news: There’s no copay or fee to participate in this status challenge. You can head to this landing page for more information and to apply.

But on the downside, it’s not that straightforward.

As with American’s other status challenges, this one involves the Instant Status Pass, which divides the calendar into Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. You need to accrue a certain number of Loyalty Points every four months (one phase) to extend your status. Here’s what American will offer you:

American Platinum Pro American Executive Platinum
Delta SkyMiles Delta Platinum Medallion Delta Diamond Medallion
United MileagePlus United Premier Platinum United Premier 1K

You must earn Loyalty Points every four months to extend your status for another four months. If you don’t earn enough Loyalty Points in your first four months, you’ll drop to a lower status tier:

  • 13,000 Loyalty Points: AAdvantage Gold
  • 25,000 Loyalty Points: AAdvantage Platinum
  • 42,000 Loyalty Points: AAdvantage Platinum Pro
  • 67,000 Loyalty Points: AAdvantage Executive Platinum

You must submit a screenshot of your SkyMiles or MileagePlus account with your 2022 and 2023 status progress and current status expiration date.

AA status challenge for DL and UA flyers

If you’ve registered for an Instant Status Pass promotion in the last two years or already hold Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum status, you aren’t eligible for this offer.

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Bottom line

American’s Instant Status Pass offers aren’t always available and free. But this is an explicit offer for eligible AAdvantage members with Delta or United Platinum and above.

Rather than it being a straightforward status match, American will give you temporary status. But to keep it longer than four months, you need to earn a prorated number of Loyalty Points, which effectively is the same as normal qualification thresholds.

Also, remember that the offer terms and conditions state: “Please allow at least 4 weeks for AAdvantage® Customer Service to review your submission.”

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