You are currently viewing Apple AirTag 4-pack on sale now — save on tracking your luggage

Apple AirTag 4-pack on sale now — save on tracking your luggage

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There’s no cheaper and more reliable way to keep tabs on where your things are nowadays than by using Apple AirTags. For a pretty low price, you can keep an eye on where your pets, keys and even checked bags are on their journey.

Whether you’ve yet to get into the swing of using Apple AirTags in your checked bags, or you decided you’d like to add some AirTags to your collection to track more of your bags and other items, right now, we’re seeing the lowest price for a four-pack of AirTags that we’ve noticed in 2023.

As of this writing, a four-pack of Apple AirTags is available for just $89.99 on Amazon.

That breaks down to about $22.50 per tag. This is down from the regular price of $99.99 for four, which has been the prevailing rate for most of the last few months.



We haven’t seen the price go below this threshold since the 2022 Black Friday sales. If you want to buy just one AirTag, that is possible, though the price right now is $29 for one.

If you want a pack of Apple AirTags at a discount before summer travel, now is a great time to place your order and save some cash.

That should leave you ample time to get them set up and ready to tell you where that checked bag is — even if the airline isn’t too sure.