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Act quickly: Get a 2-month Companion Pass with qualifying flights when you register (and book) by Wednesday

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Southwest Airlines has brought back one of its popular status challenge promotions. Rapid Rewards members can once again earn a limited-time Companion Pass — this time valid for two months — by completing two one-way flights or one round-trip flight by Aug. 30. The Companion Pass is a 2-for-1 that lets you bring a friend with you for “free” when you travel. You just have the pay the taxes on your friend’s ticket.

With the Companion Pass being a golden goose for couples or friends looking to get away, here’s the scoop on this recent Southwest offer.

The details

Southwest Companion Pass offer

The promotion is straightforward, but there’s a very limited window of time to utilize it.

  1. Register here (not every account is eligible, but you can check your eligibility).
  2. Purchase a paid round-trip flight or two one-way flights by Aug. 30.
  3. Travel by Sept. 30.

If you complete all three requirements, your Companion Pass will be eligible from Jan. 8 to March 8, 2024. You can designate a companion and begin booking flights for said companion after the pass is awarded to your account (on Jan. 8).

It’s important to note that the flights you book must be paid tickets to qualify. Tickets using Rapid Rewards points are not eligible. However, flights booked on unused LUV vouchers, travel funds or gift cards do count.

In addition, this doesn’t apply to previously booked flights, so if you have an existing reservation, it won’t count. However, you could try to cancel the ticket and then rebook your travel at current prices using the travel funds from the original itinerary.

Finally, if you change your itinerary after purchase, the flights may not qualify for the promotion.

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Bottom line

Southwest has brought back its promotion to earn a Companion Pass for a limited time when you complete qualifying flights. Normally, earning Southwest’s Companion Pass requires 100 one-way flights or 135,000 Companion Pass-qualifying points in a year. So, this promotion is a great way to take the Companion Pass program for a test drive early next year.

Just be sure to register and book your ticket by this Wednesday, Aug. 30 — and then complete your flight(s) by Sept. 30.