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Earn double Avios on flights and British Airways Holidays packages

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British Airways is running a great double Avios offer for its Executive Club members on flights to Europe from the United Kingdom and on European British Airways Holidays packages.

With this offer, you’d stand to earn at least 2 Avios per British pound ($1.27) spent on both flights and British Airways Holidays packages. If you use a points-earning credit card when taking advantage of this deal, you could increase your earnings even more. For additional value, you could also partake in the airline’s generous double-tier points offer when booking a British Airways Holidays package.

The timing of this deal is great, as many Executive Club members felt stung when British Airways shifted last year to a system in which Avios are awarded based on the cost of a flight rather than the distance flown.

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Deal basics

Airline: British Airways

Routes: Any European route or British Airways Holiday package

How to book: Make sure you’re a British Airways Executive Club member and register for the offer here before booking any European flight or British Airways Holiday package that starts in the U.K.

Book by: April 24, 2024

Travel dates: Before June 30, 2024

You can use this deal on a maximum of 10 flights. Keep in mind that return flights will count as two flights. 

You’ll also earn double Avios on any extras booked with your flight or holiday package (such as additional baggage or seat reservations).

All Avios should be awarded to your account no more than 48 hours after you’ve flown or up to six weeks after you’ve completed your British Airways Holidays stay.

Head here for more details.

How many Avios can I earn with this promotion?

Since October 2023, British Airways has awarded Avios based on the price of your tickets rather than the distance flown.

The breakdown of the current earning structure, depending on your elite status, is below. The chart also shows how many Avios you stand to earn by participating in the double Avios offer.

Status Usual Avios earned Bonus Avios offer
Blue 6 Avios per pound ($1.27) 12 Avios per pound ($1.27)
Bronze 7 Avios per pound ($1.27) 14 Avios per pound ($1.27)
Silver 8 Avios per pound ($1.26) 16 Avios per pound ($1.27)
Gold and above 9 Avios per pound ($1.27) 18 Avios per pound ($1.27)

Maximize your purchase

When you book this deal or any flights, be sure to use a credit card that earns bonus points on airfare purchases, such as:

Bottom line

Many British Airways Executive Club members were disappointed by the airline’s recent shift to a revenue-based Avios-earning structure.

However, despite the shift, this latest promotion from the carrier is still a good one to consider if you can book and travel before April 24. 

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