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Frontier Miles elite status: What it is and how to earn it

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Frontier Airlines is a low-cost carrier that serves the U.S., Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. It’s one of those airlines that charge extra for just about everything. For example, you could pay $60 each way to add a carry-on bag.

Thankfully, with Frontier Miles elite status, some of these charges are waived, saving regular flyers plenty of money.

Let’s look at Frontier elite status for 2024 to help you decide if it’s a worthwhile pursuit for your travel style.

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What is Frontier Miles elite status?

The interior of a Frontier Airlines Airbus A321neo

In years past, Frontier Miles elite status was awarded only to the most loyal Frontier customers. In 2024, some changes have made low-level Frontier status easier than ever to earn.

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Frontier Miles now has four elite status levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. You must earn points to achieve status. You’ll have to spend at least $1,000 per year with Frontier to receive status — and significantly more if you’re looking for valuable perks like free bags and seat upgrades.

Frontier Miles is free to join, and you can do so online and earn 1,000 bonus miles instantly.

Once you’ve earned sufficient points to earn status, your account will immediately be upgraded. You’ll keep the highest status you earn throughout the remainder of the current year and the following calendar year. For example, if you were to earn Frontier Elite Gold status in May 2024, your status wouldn’t expire until Dec. 31, 2025, giving you more than 18 months of elite status.

How to qualify for Frontier elite status

Frontier overhauled its program for the 2024 elite status year — including adding an entirely new elite status tier. Here’s how to qualify for each:

  • Elite Silver (new status tier): Earn 10,000 points
  • Elite Gold (previously Elite 20k): Earn 20,000 points
  • Elite Platinum (previously Elite 50k): Earn 50,000 points
  • Elite Diamond (previously Elite 100k): Earn 100,000 points

In 2024, you’ll earn Frontier elite status points by spending with Frontier. That is, you’ll earn on the base fare price, as well as any extras you might purchase (like checked bags, Discount Den or seat assignments). Depending on your Frontier status level, you will receive between 10 and 20 points per dollar and the same number of redeemable Frontier miles.

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You can also earn Frontier elite status points with the carrier’s cobranded credit card — which we’ll dive into later.

Finally, Frontier has frequently offered a status match for travelers with elite status with other airlines. The most recent iterations required a one-time fee but worked with more than a dozen airlines plus 15 hotel loyalty programs and even 15 cruise line loyalty programs. While it’s not currently available, you can register your interest in future offers by completing this form on Frontier’s website.

Frontier elite status benefits


All Frontier loyalty members will earn 10 miles and 10 elite status points for every dollar spent with Frontier in 2024.

Frontier has made some notable additions to its elite status benefits for the 2024 status year. Here’s what you can expect from each tier — and note that, if not explicitly stated, each perk only extends to the elite traveler (and not others on the reservation).

Elite Silver

Frontier’s newest status level is its easiest to earn — and comes with very practical benefits that can save you money on purchases you likely planned to make anyway:

  • No change/cancellation fees (seven days or more from departure) for everyone on your itinerary
  • Standard seat selection at booking
  • Priority boarding (Zone 2) for you and everyone on your itinerary
  • Priority customer care
  • Family pooling
  • Earn 12 miles and 12 elite status points per dollar

Elite Gold

Elite Gold (formerly Elite 20k) is the level at which frequent Frontier travelers will begin to see serious savings. You’ll get all the benefits of Elite Silver status with the following upgrades:

  • Priority boarding (Zone 1)
  • Priority boarding (Zone 2) for everyone on your reservation
  • Free carry-on bag
  • Premium seat selection at check-in (when available)
  • Earn 14 miles and 14 elite status points per dollar spent

Elite Platinum

Elite Platinum (formerly Elite 50k) comes with an even more impressive suite of benefits. Adding onto the features of both Silver and Gold, you’ll receive:

  • Priority boarding (Zone 1) for you and everyone on your reservation
  • Free carry-on bag for you and everyone on your reservation
  • Standard seat selection at booking for everyone on your reservation
  • Premium seat selection at booking for you and at check-in for everyone on your reservation (when available)
  • Free first checked bag (including ski/golf bag) for you and everyone on your reservation
  • Pet-in-cabin fee waiver (when available)
  • 50% off a Discount Den membership
  • Gift Elite Silver status to one member
  • Earn 16 miles and 16 elite status points per dollar

Elite Diamond

Elite Diamond (formerly Elite 100k) is Frontier’s highest-level status — and it provides many valuable perks for those who manage to achieve it. In addition to the benefits from all other status tiers, you’ll get:

  • Premium seat selection at booking (when available) for you and everyone on your reservation
  • Free Discount Den membership
  • Gift Elite Gold status to one member
  • You and everyone on your reservation boards first
  • Refundability (more than one day before departure) for you and everyone on your reservation
  • Two free checked bags for you and everyone on your reservation
  • Earn 20 miles and 20 elite status points per dollar

Can a credit card help earn Frontier elite status?

Frontier Airlines plane at the gate in RDU airport

You can earn Frontier elite status — even its highest-tier Diamond status — simply by making purchases on the $89-annual-fee Frontier Airlines World Mastercard®.

In other words, you can earn status without ever setting foot on a Frontier aircraft.

You’ll earn 1 mile and 1 elite status point per dollar spent, on up to $20,000 each calendar year. After that, you’ll earn 2 miles and 2 elite status points per dollar spent for the remainder of the year. This means that you can earn elite status from your living room after meeting the following spending:

  • Elite Silver: $10,000 in spending
  • Elite Gold: $20,000 in spending
  • Elite Platinum: $35,000 in spending
  • Elite Diamond: $60,000 in spending

As you can see, this is likely not the quickest way to earn status; in fact, you probably shouldn’t even try to pursue Frontier status from spending alone, as it likely indicates that you’re not a frequent Frontier flyer, so you may not be able to use the benefits it provides.

Many other travel credit cards would reward you far more handsomely for $60,000 in spending. Still, it’s neat that Frontier’s credit card gives you this option.

Additionally, Frontier is currently running a promotion that offers cardmembers the ability to earn Elite Gold status for relatively little spending. Eligible cardmembers must spend at least $3,000 on the card through Feb. 29 to qualify — and status will be valid through Dec. 31.

The information for the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Is Frontier elite status worth it?


Whether Frontier elite status is worthwhile depends entirely on your travel habits. If you fly Frontier regularly, this elite status effectively turns the airline into a regular non-low-cost carrier by neutralizing the ancillary fees. That means you can book affordable fares without the nickel-and-diming.

Still, you should ask yourself the following overarching questions before you commit to Frontier elite status:

  • Will you use these benefits? These elite status perks only have value if you use them. For example, a free checked bag doesn’t matter if you routinely travel with only a backpack.
  • Does Frontier serve the locations you travel to? Frontier doesn’t offer the ubiquity of other carriers like United Airlines or Delta Air Lines. Frontier doesn’t fly to places like Europe, Asia and Africa, and it doesn’t partner with any other airlines. If Frontier gets you to where you want to go, elite status could be worth achieving.
  • How sensitive are you to price and convenience? Would you book a one-stop Frontier flight even if Southwest Airlines or Spirit Airlines had a more convenient nonstop option? If the answer is no, it may not be worth going out of your way to earn Frontier status — or any elite status, for that matter.

Given that it’s fairly easy to earn the new Elite Silver status, if you are flying Frontier regularly, it would be worth earning this status to start enjoying the benefits. Frontier’s top-tier status requires serious flying and/or spending. If you plan to do this anyway, it would be worth aiming for, but there are top-tier perks in other programs, like upgrades and lounge access, that can provide more value than Frontier’s will.

Another worthwhile question is whether the benefits you’ll receive from the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard alone are enough to avoid straining toward Frontier status. You’ll get perks awarded with various status levels just for holding the card. For example, you’ll get priority boarding (Zone 2), family pooling and 5 bonus miles per dollar on eligible Frontier purchases.

Bottom line

If you live in a city such as Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Orlando or Philadelphia, you may have access to many nonstop destinations with Frontier Airlines. If find yourself flying the airline regularly, you may be able to earn elite status in the Frontier Miles program without much effort. This can allow you to save time and money when traveling, which is always a valuable perk.

If so, Frontier Miles elite status can save frequent customers an absolute bundle in waived fees.

With the new Elite Silver status, you could enjoy benefits after spending just $1,000 with Frontier in a year.