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Amex Platinum Equinox credit switching to annual: Easier to use

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When you think of luxury cards, The Platinum Card® from American Express probably comes to mind first — proving just how influential brand association is. And while it’s easy to gawk at the card’s $695 annual fee (see rates and fees), it comes with plenty of perks to make the value well worth the cost to cardholders.

One of these perks is the $300 Equinox credit, currently available as a monthly credit of up to $25. But starting Jan. 1, 2023, American Express Platinum Card Members will receive their Equinox statement credit of up to $300 per calendar year on an annual basis. This will give cardholders more flexibility in maximizing their credit across the calendar year rather than on a monthly basis. Enrollment is required.

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What is the Amex Platinum Equinox credit?

Equinox is a luxury fitness club with hundreds of locations in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. You’ll find them mostly in major cities, but Equinox is headquartered in New York City. Accordingly, there are more than 35 locations in New York City alone.

With the Amex Platinum, you’ll get an annual $300 statement credit with Equinox. This benefit is one per Platinum account, meaning that even if you have authorized users, you’ll still only get one credit.

Through 2022, statement credits through this benefit are provided on a monthly basis of up to $25 back per month. Starting in 2023, statement credits through this benefit will be provided on an annual basis of up to $300 per calendar year.

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If you don’t live near an Equinox (or aren’t interested in paying a premium for your gym), it’s important to note that the $300 credit can also apply to the Equinox+ app. According to Amex, here’s everything eligible for reimbursement with the Amex Platinum Equinox credit:

  • Equinox Single Club Access membership fees.
  • Equinox Regional Access membership fees.
  • Equinox All-Access membership fees.
  • Equinox Destination membership fees.
  • E by Equinox membership fees.
  • Equinox+ app membership fees.

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How to use the Amex Platinum Equinox credit

Whether you’re already an Equinox member or you’ve been thinking about joining Equinox, you’ll follow the same process to use the Amex Platinum Equinox credit.

First, visit to enroll in the benefit. Existing members will log in with their Equinox account, while new members will be prompted to select an eligible plan. You can choose either the in-person experience (gym membership) or the digital experience (Equinox+ app).

The table below breaks down the cost of each membership and service. While the membership cost could vary if you join in person, the all-access and destination memberships seem pretty standard across the board when joining online. The Monthly E by Equinox membership price is not posted online, so the only cost we know for sure is the Equinox+ app, which bills $40 monthly.

Service Cost
Monthly All-access Equinox membership. $275 per month, 12-month commitment.
Monthly Destination Equinox membership. $315 per month, 12-month commitment.
Monthly E by Equinox membership. Not posted online.
Equinox+ app. $40 per month.

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After activating the benefit, you must charge your Equinox or Equinox+ fees to your Platinum Card. Amex claims that it takes two to four weeks to receive the statement credit, though we imagine it could post sooner.

FAQs on Amex Platinum Equinox credit

Below, we’ve answered your most frequently asked questions about the new Amex Platinum Equinox credit.

Which memberships are eligible for the Amex Platinum Equinox credit?

Only memberships that are billed monthly and are the All-access, Destination or E by Equinox plans are eligible for the $300 annual statement credit.

Which memberships are NOT eligible for the Amex Platinum Equinox credit?

Any day passes or online purchases on Equinox’s website will not count toward this credit. Some other exclusions may apply, so it’s best to check with Amex if you’re unsure if your membership qualifies.

What benefits do I get with the Equinox+ app? 

You’ll get access to an extensive portfolio of classes from Equinox and its many brands, including SoulCycle, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, HeadStrong, Rumble, TB12 and Solidcore. There are also live Equinox and SoulCycle classes available. Keep in mind, you will not receive the statement credit on your Equinox+ membership if you purchase your membership within the Equinox+ app or through a third party.

How do I use my Amex Platinum Equinox credit?

Once you confirm your membership is valid for the statement credit, you must activate the benefit through and charge your monthly bill to your Amex Platinum card.

Bottom line

If you don’t live in a big city with a physical Equinox location near you, the $300 annual Equinox credit takes a sizable chunk off the cost of the Equinox+ app.

At-home workouts have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the Equinox+ app has excellent Equinox classes, as well as SoulCycle, Rumble, TB12 classes and so much more. It’s also worth noting that there’s a seven-day free trial, so you can test it out before you decide to commit.

Additional reporting by Emily Thompson.

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